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The Prince Bandit Tennis Racket represents the pinnacle of graphite craftsmanship, delivering an unrivaled combination of rigidity, steadiness, and force. Meticulously fashioned from pure graphite, this racket ensures exceptional stability and power for your game. Its full graphite composition further enhances the experience by offering top-tier vibration dampening, granting you enhanced control and an exquisite tactile sensation with every swing.

The generously sized 100 square-inch head presents a generous sweet spot, affording greater forgiveness when your shots aren't perfectly centered. 

This racket boasts a nimble 275g frame weight, perfectly balanced at 330mm, providing you with an ideal blend of maneuverability and control. Plus, its precise 14x18 string pattern adds finesse to your game, ensuring your shots are dialed in with precision.

Elevate your tennis performance with the Prince Bandit Tennis Racket, where innovation meets tradition, and excellence is at your fingertips.

Grip Size: L2

Prince Bandit 100 275g (Blue/Purple)

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