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Introducing the all-new and incredibly versatile Wilson Ultra 103S, a racquet designed to elevate your game with effortless power and uncompromised comfort. Its remarkable combination of a large headsize and an open string pattern ensures a playing experience like no other.

With its 103 square inch head, this racquet boasts an expansive sweet spot that delivers both power and an exquisite feel. The Wilson Parallel Drilling process not only enhances power but also elevates the overall feel and comfort of the string bed.

Say goodbye to BLX, as the Ultra 103S adopts High Performance Carbon Fiber in a groundbreaking frame construction. The outer profile is rounded, while the inner profile takes a triangular shape, optimizing the racquet's aerodynamic properties for improved performance.

Weighing in at 10.7 ounces strung and featuring an extended length of 27.25 inches, this racquet provides the necessary mass for commanding deep shots while remaining stable against the mightiest of hitters. The slightly head-light balance ensures exceptional maneuverability, especially when charging the net for volleys.

What sets the Ultra 103S apart is its Spin Effect Technology string pattern of 16x15. By reducing the number of cross strings, the main strings are granted more freedom of movement, resulting in a remarkable increase in spin for those powerful, heavy shots.

To top it off, the Amplifeel 360 handle system makes way for CushionFoam, offering superior impact softening, optimal dampening, and shock absorption.

Experience tennis at its finest with the Wilson Ultra 103S – where power, precision, and comfort unite to redefine your game.


Grip Size: L2

Babolat Boost Aero

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