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Types of Tennis Strings

Updated: May 13, 2023

If your tennis rackets are not pre-strung, then you need to choose a new set of tennis strings. It’s not as easy as choosing a racket, as choosing the right string can be a bit challenging.

There are hundreds of different types of strings that you can choose from, and it’s important to remember that strings can affect your playing style just as much as the racket itself. Having the right string can help you improve your confidence and make you more comfortable when it comes to playing.

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Which Tennis String is Suitable for You?

The right tennis string can help you achieve your goals and improve your playing style. Like other sports, different types of strings have varying effects when you hit the ball. There are four key factors that you should consider when choosing a string:

i) Power

Who should use power strings? Power strings are ideal for players who are still learning how to generate their own power, or for those who have not fully developed their muscles. These are typically made of either nylon or natural gut.

ii) Control

The length of time that the ball has been sitting on the bed of the control string is known as "dwell time". For experienced players, this type of string is ideal as it allows them to control where the ball goes and hit their spots more easily. The control strings are usually made of either polyester or nylon.

iii) Spin

When it comes to assessing the shock and vibration level of your arm, it's important to determine which comfort strings are ideal for you. For some seniors, such as those with tennis elbows, playing with comfort strings can help prevent arm injuries.

iv) Comfort

The number of rotations generated by the strings at contact is known to vary. For competitive players, spin strings are ideal for creating a heavy ball or a ball that bounces high. These strings are usually made of polyester and feature various shapes and textures to enhance their spin.

Where to Purchase Tennis String in Singapore?

If you are just starting to play tennis, you can consider buying your tennis string from Decathlon. The goal of Decathlon is to find ways to cut down on costs so that they can continue to offer the best possible value.

Unlike its competitors, it doesn't spend a lot on advertising and doesn't hire influencers. Its stores don't get much decoration. This strategy allows it to reduce its costs significantly. For over 60 sports, Decathlon offers a wide range of equipment and apparel.

1) Tennis String Artengo TA500 Comfort Multifilament 1.3mm (SGD 12.00)

The high-tech Peek material in the TA 500 top-of-the-range tennis strings provides players with maximum comfort and power. It's ideal for those who play for a long time and break their strings frequently.

The designers used a combination of polyurethane and polyamide to create this string, which has optimal performance. The 8 strands of the Peek are durable and will last for a long time. Its 1.3 mm gauge and composition provide good spin and maintain excellent string tension for up to six months.

2) Tennis String Artengo TA990 Power 1.20mm (SGD 12.90)

The Power tennis string from TA is designed for players who are looking for power and control. Its 1.2 mm profile provides excellent ball control and speed. This string was created by our designers for those who break their strings in under 10 hours. The supple polyester construction of the material gives the ball more speed.

The polyester material provides you with more control over the ball due to its directional properties. It's also resistant to abrasion, which helps you play with more confidence for a long time. The 1.2mm gauge ensures that the ball rotation is good. This string tension can last for up to three months.

3) Tennis String Artengo TA930 Spin 1.25mm (SGD 12.90)

The polyester tennis string made for advanced players has a good spin thanks to its pentagonal shape. This string is ideal for players who break their strings often and are looking for durability and good spin.

The polyester material used for this ball provides the ball with increased speed and durability. Its 1.25 mm gauge is ideal for advanced players. Its directional control and string tension give you more control over the ball.

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