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For novice and intermediate players in search of an ideal blend of speed, spin, and power, the Warrior 107 demands your serious consideration. Building on the legacy of its predecessors, this racquet excels with its forgiving head size and effortless acceleration. What's even more enticing? It's offered at an exceptional price point, making it the ultimate choice for value-conscious players.

Weighing in at a mere 10.2 ounces when strung, the Warrior 107 boasts remarkable agility while maintaining enough head weight to ensure a stable impact. Adding to its prowess is the CTS Beam, with a thinner throat for enhanced feel and a thicker head for added power. 

When it comes to groundstrokes, the Warrior 107 offers a satisfyingly crisp feel upon impact. Its generous head size and well-balanced design provide stability and a potent response, all while preserving control during full swings. Furthermore, the open string pattern and natural acceleration grant impressive spin potential.

At the net, the Warrior 107 maneuvers swiftly, delivering a solid feel against incoming pace, and possesses the power needed to close out points with authority. In essence, it's the perfect choice for players seeking the advantages of a larger head size without sacrificing control.

Versatile enough for beginners, intermediates, and recreational players alike, the Warrior 107's unbeatable price makes it an exceptional value in the world of tennis equipment. Elevate your game without breaking the bank with this exceptional racquet.


Grip Size: L2

Prince Warrior 107

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