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VisionCrest Tennis Courts

Location of VisionCrest Tennis Courts

Located at Oxley Rise, VisionCrest is a luxury tennis facility that is ideally situated near the junction of Penang Road, Killiney Road, and Orchard Boulevard. It offers a variety of activities and facilities that are designed to make you feel at home.


The facility features a variety of outdoor areas that are designed to provide a tranquil and relaxing environment. Tennis players would also love to have group tennis lessons at the tennis pavilion.

Food Near the VisionCrest Tennis Courts

Killiney Kopitiam is a nearby option for those who crave local foods with no pork and no lard.

The original shop front of the Killiney Road branch of the Kopitiam was established in 1919. While it was still an old-fashioned establishment, its famous bread and warm beverages were very popular back then. Even though it was only a small shop, the staff members were knowledgeable about brewing coffee and tea.

A regular customer of the shop, Mr. Woon wanted to own it so badly that he bought it in 1993. After purchasing the store, he renovated it and renamed it Killiney Kopitiam. Mr. Woon Tek Seng, who took over the management of the business, believed that it was important to maintain the tradition of the store.

Despite the extensive renovations that have occurred in the shop front, the traditional working style of the establishment remains. One of the most important factors that he is grateful for is the three individuals who have helped him over the years. These individuals have helped him make good kaya, bread bread, and coffee.

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